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Image courtesy: Fusion

“One lovely Blog” nominated by a lovely blogger, Fusion . Thanks for the nomination! I’m delighted! You already know my super-duper procrastination habit. So I hope you’ll bear with me for the delay! 🙂

A few words about Fusion Fusion has a lively and colourful blog littered with beautiful pictures. The blog posts are versatile and bubble with creativity. If you are reading this post, you ought to visit the blog. Ok, yeah, you people can thank me for introducing a good blog!

A little history about the award: “One lovely Blog” – I tried googling and digging up the history of this award. The result is the widely accepted perception that this award has no traceable origins. May be it was introduced by neanderthals of .com world! We don’t know yet! We may never know. If someone finds, please do share with me! Don’t rush to apply for a Nobel prize for this discovery cause Nobel is not awarded for paleontology works. Forget it, we can start our own e-Nobel!

Ok, I’ll stop rambling. Three things about “One Lovely Blog”

1) Thank the awesome blogger who nominated you (DONE)

2) Share seven facts about yourself

3) Nominate fifteen bloggers you admire and inform them by commenting!

My fact file:

1) Arsenal! I love the club. I’m not as fanatical as Fever Pitch protagonist but you can say that I’m a devoted follower of the club!

2) I just love movies. They are an entirely different world. My favorite movies are: 1) Matrix (all the three) 2) LOTR (again all the three) 3) A Few Good Men (“You want me on that wall…You NEED me on that wall”) 4) The Intouchables (Motivation! 😉 😀 ) 5) Meet the parents (“Can you milk me Focker! 😀 )

3) I like chocolate ice cream or for that matter anything with chocolate flavour!

4) I hate gym! I would rather run in an open ground rather than hit a tread-mill! But I do neither 😛

5) I’m learning spanish all by free internet tools. No formal class rooms. Lets see how far can I go!

6) A cool fact about me – At some or other point in my life, I had friends from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chathisgarh, Odisha, Punjab, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh! That is whole of India minus J&K, north-east. I hope I will friends from these regions too!

7) A little scary fact – Last week, in the morning I saw a cobra from my balcony. It swiftly crossed the road and escaped into bushes. This is for the third time that I saw a wild snake in my life.

That’s that about me.

Finally, I surely can’t name 15 blogs. Most of the blogs I follow are non-award blogs. So for now I am nominating Saya…D Poet for her intense poems and funny anecdotes! Rest will be nominated when I increase my social skills on wordpress 🙂


10 thoughts on “Un Hermoso Blog

  1. what a nice acceptance of the award and i’m glad you introduces us to Saya…D Poet. you must be real good at languages. your english is excellent. how many languages do you speak? India itself must have many.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!!! I’m flattered! 🙂 I speak three languages. That is typical in India. The three would be Telugu-my mother tongue, Hindi-our national language and English. But Hindi becomes handy where ever you travel. So you don’t actually get a chance to learn local language. What about you? I know that you are learning English!


  2. Thank you for brightening my day 🙂 like a shooting star..
    2. Am with you on all the movies except meet the fockers. Haven’t seen Intouchables so cant comment.
    3. Choco my fav flavour too in all forms 😀
    6. Same here and love the fact.. 🙂
    As for nominations I suggest you break some rules and nominate the non award ones too.. 🙂 learn something from guruji 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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