Spanglish (2004)

Recently I haven’t written much because I have been watching a lot. For the past month I have almost watched zero movies. That is a very long time for me! In the past week I tried to cover my backlog. This is the list of movies that I have seen:

1) Spanglish

2) Fools Rush In

3) Inglorious Bastards

4) Munich

5) Gooooood Morning, Vietnam!

Thanks to the Romedy channel, movies Spanglish and Fools Rush In went into my wish-list. Another incentive that I had in my mind was to glean a few Spanish one liners. But, not much was accomplished! Porque the characters spoke at rapid pace! Nevertheless I enjoyed all the movies.

These are my views about Spanglish:

Aww! Ain't She something ;)

Aww! Ain’t She something 😉

The movie features Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni and the gorgeous Spanish actress Paz Vega as Flor, who was already famous for her role in the spanish version of Friends. The movie revolves around Flor, a widowed (not single! Ask Adam Sandler :P) mother employed as nanny in the Sandler’s family and is working hard to meet the ends. She depicts the Mexican style of parenting that is pegged against the American way epitomised by the troubled Tea Leoni. The final moments of the movie has a seminal scene between Sandler and Paz Vaga which answers the question weather Love is all that is needed to bring two people together. Overall, I felt that the movie was practical, comical and philosophical in many ways!

If you have already seen the movie lemme know what scenes stayed with you from the movie! If not, do watch it.

I would follow up with the rest and many more soon.


The extra mile!


Envelope Pushers. When was the last time you took a risk (big or small), and pushed your own boundaries — socially, professionally, or otherwise? Were you satisfied with the outcome?


How often do we do this? It is an amazing feeling when you are at the receiving end. It is even more satisfying when you are at the giving end. I’m talking this stuff mostly in the professional scenario. When I was new to my job I was lucky to have some really cool seasoned managers who helped me to settle in. At that amateur phase even small helps appear magnified. What I learned I applied in accommodating my juniors too. Good practices are infectious 😉

You see this in professional sports and now a days in Indian politics too. Check out these couple of videos:

(Not much risk is involved but I’m amazed at the cheekiness!)

PM Modi doing what he does the best – Top PR guy:

Next one is football related! Any Arsenal fan would have watched this 30 sec clip 1000 times. Oh boy!! I so miss these characters so much. Where are those days gone!! Now Cesc only gives me nightmares! I just want Henry to come Home and follow the footsteps of Zizou and give some respite to Wenger.




Spinning Yarns. What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?


As long as you can stop me from dozing off and keep me guessing, you will be my favorite story teller. I have some friends who are great story tellers. They don’t just use language as the tool but they use the body language too. We may articulate perfectly how someone feels in a situation. For example you can vividly narrate how scared you felt when someone telephoned you in the midnight to let you know that you are right then sleeping alone in a haunted hotel!? But instead of the verbosity how about you cringe in fear and make a few comical faces to deliver the point! These faces will stay with the listeners forever.

This may not be possible in all scenarios. But then some of my friends have the knack of telling about their inner feelings – cynical ones are the most intriguing ones 😛 – parallel to the story line. Some others just open the scene for listeners. “Dude, what does She means by that!?”

Here on WordPress, some really cool bloggers just com-press the words by narrating stories in a series of beautiful pictures! I love that style too!

And finally the best story teller for the masses is a movie. Director is the boss. Movie shows how beautifully or crookedly he delivers the message. Signing off with a hope to understand what Nolan has in store in Interstellar. Houston, do you copy?! Time to get over Gravity!