Celebrating Cheryl’s Birthday!

Today is a national holiday in India. Tamils and Oriya people celebrated their New Years. Punjabis  celebrated Baisakhi. But everyone across the country celebrated 125th birth anniversary of the father of Indian Constitution, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar.

While everyone were merrymaking, I was sleepily checking my twitter feed! (I have my reasons for it being top on my priority list! 😉 ) And then @sanjeevsanyal tweet caught my eye!

The tweet was about two friends Albert and Bernard meeting a new friend Cheryl. Albert and Bernard want to know her birthday. Canny Cheryl gave them these clues:


The tweet had this link which created a sort of an aura around this question. Though the weather was cold and it was pouring outside, I grabbed a paper and started working it out. I struggled with the semantics for a while but could zero in on an answer. Now, is it the answer??

I exchanged messages back and forth with friends and tweeple all day. Some confirmed my logic and others refuted it. I was adamant that my logic was sound enough because all those who refuted did not give a convincing explanation.

So, literally, I was celebrating Cheryl’s birthday all day while rest of India was having fun!

Finally in the evening Mr. Handa had convincingly punctured my logic. This post is dedicated to Mr. Handa for his immaculate ‘fun’da 🙂

All those nocturnals out there and puzzle enthusiasts keep calm and take up the gauntlet. And cross check it with Mr. Handa’s solution here.

Let me know how many of you hit the bull’s eye 🙂