Happy Birthday Thalaiva!

A still from Baba

He needs no introduction. The South, the North, the East and the West know about him. The rich and the poor like him alike. He has been the style icon on-screen. Off-screen he has been a simpleton. He is Rajinikanth. Happy Birthday Thalaiva!

I didn’t know about Rajini and his stylish antics till I saw the Telugu movie, Peddarayudu. He had only a guest appearance in the movie, a fifteen minute role in the beginning. But that short cameo was the talking point among my friends. His style was infectious among kids. We tried his goggle stunts, cigar replaced with pen stunts, thundu stunts and tried to salute in his style by also mimicking the background sound effects.

Rajinikanth in Peddarayudu

So all these made me and my generation Rajini fans. Some of my favourites are Maro Charithra, Narasimha, Dalapathi, Chandramukhi, Shivaji and Robo. I wish him the best for today-released Lingaa!

Have a blast in Lingaa!

Have a blast in Lingaa!

More than the on-screen version I developed respect for his real-life off-screen version. His story is a true underdog story. Someone selling tickets in a bus turned into the most famous cine-star of India by sheer hard work! Despite achieving so much he manages to put his feet on ground. How awesome!

Will he tread the same path?

Will he tread the same path?

Do I want to see him politics? There is a tradition in Tamil Nadu of movie stars becoming political biggies. Recently in Andhra Pradesh we saw Chiranjeevi lose his charisma after behaving like a swine in the political muddy waters. Rajni’s charm alone may win him election in TN but running the state is a different ball game, surely not a cake walk. I strongly feel that the times have changed. Giving sweet passionate speeches and promises of doling out subsidies would not take the people or country anywhere. So, personally, I would not want him to venture into politics.

What do you think, should Rajini join politics? What is your favourite Rajini movie or Rajini joke? 😀


Spanglish (2004)

Recently I haven’t written much because I have been watching a lot. For the past month I have almost watched zero movies. That is a very long time for me! In the past week I tried to cover my backlog. This is the list of movies that I have seen:

1) Spanglish

2) Fools Rush In

3) Inglorious Bastards

4) Munich

5) Gooooood Morning, Vietnam!

Thanks to the Romedy channel, movies Spanglish and Fools Rush In went into my wish-list. Another incentive that I had in my mind was to glean a few Spanish one liners. But, not much was accomplished! Porque the characters spoke at rapid pace! Nevertheless I enjoyed all the movies.

These are my views about Spanglish:

Aww! Ain't She something ;)

Aww! Ain’t She something 😉

The movie features Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni and the gorgeous Spanish actress Paz Vega as Flor, who was already famous for her role in the spanish version of Friends. The movie revolves around Flor, a widowed (not single! Ask Adam Sandler :P) mother employed as nanny in the Sandler’s family and is working hard to meet the ends. She depicts the Mexican style of parenting that is pegged against the American way epitomised by the troubled Tea Leoni. The final moments of the movie has a seminal scene between Sandler and Paz Vaga which answers the question weather Love is all that is needed to bring two people together. Overall, I felt that the movie was practical, comical and philosophical in many ways!

If you have already seen the movie lemme know what scenes stayed with you from the movie! If not, do watch it.

I would follow up with the rest and many more soon.