The Interview!

Time flies on campus. There is always some or the other activity that necessitates your participation. One of those hectic weeks was the third week of June. We had many cell-interviews in this week. A bit of organization gyan here: there are different clubs/cells for different activities/interests/specializations; but there is one apex body – Student Council – that coordinates with different cells and lets things move smoothly. I applied for this one. The seniors conduct the interviews for all these cells!

The first round interview was at some 9 PM. The interviewer appeared like a calm guy (read it as the guy let me speak with out silly counters). I was allowed a little leeway to brag about stuff on my CVs. I could tell by the tone and facial expressions, that the guy was impressed. It ended well, where I had to think on my tones and convince RBI gov. (enacted by the interviewer) to come for a talk at the institute. I exceeded my expectations. Finally the result was positive.


Next came the second round. All of us were caught off-guard when in the Group Discussion (GD) participants were asked to swap the CVs and defend that new CV as if it was ours. I got a freshers’s (Coming right into an MBA college without a work experience) CV. That was good 3 pages dense CV (compared to my 1 page CV). Given 30 sec, I was unable to really look through the best points of the candidate. But still I made my best effort. I understood that it was below-par. The GD session was followed by an interview session.

The interview session was the weirdest that I have ever been to. The interviewers, a bunch of  guys, were spread across a 10 seater classroom. They literally bombarded questions from all directions. Constantly, they complained that I was not audible. The interviewer in the first round was also present. He literally caught me off gaurd by making some nasty remarks about ‘this’ blog that I had discussed with him in the first interview. I retorted. And this interview did not go as planned at all. So was the result. Through the experience, I learned my lessons!

The other day, in a guest lecture session, someone lanky, suited formally called out my name from the dark. He was none other than the first round interviewer. He apologized profusely and said that it was just a interview tactic. I was surprised by his candidness. He had no reason to do that. That gesture made my day! Aaaand the best part was that he rates this blog better than many other blogs 😉 I don’t want to dwell into the merits of the confession but it sounded sweet 😛 :D.



Hola amigos!! Sorry for the vanishing act 😛 😀 . Your shooting star will be hovering around Mumbai, for the next couple of years. For the good or the bad reasons, I have joined a full time MBA course in Mumbai! Up till now, I’m thoroughly enjoying going back to the student life – most likely will be my last one!

The first month has passed in a jiffy. Lost track of days in meeting new people from different backgrounds and age groups. The buzz word is “networking”. People are in a flurry to make new contacts asap. Parties seem to be the only efficient way to perform the task! Boozers bag it all!

Amid the frenzy, I’m a little worried about getting carried away! However, this good old rule comes to my rescue: when tensed, just KISS 😉 😀