Deviation from the norm!

Past few years have been really disappointing. Things just didn’t go as planned. The hunger for doing big things almost ended. After facing series of negative results I felt as if that an invisible hand is thrusting me down. I wanted something and I got something else. I had to “adjust”. Gone were the days where I could really enjoy the achievement of what I wanted. Gone were the days where I told myself, “I will make my future”. Everybody, family and friends, spoke in different ways but meant the same thing – be happy with what I get.

When I look back, I am not ashamed to agree that everything did not change overnight. Things got out of hand step by step. I never really heeded to the negative signs. In fact, sometimes when results were obviously negative I chose to ignore them. I let myself fall from the top. Slipped inch by inch and finally set myself into a free fall, merrily undoing everything that I did for the past ten or so years.

So, finally I accepted that I had to trim down my expectations. I have to pay for my lapses and mistakes. This has become the norm!

Last week, there has been a refreshing change to the trend. I am done with the customary summer placement at B-School. I got into a French consultancy company. The summer placement process started two weeks back in the college. The pessimistic part of me said, I would be placed only in the final days of the process. Two weeks flew by without any success. Some companies shortlisted me but I balked at the Group Discussion(GD) round. (Personally, I feel GDs are the most lazy, barbaric method of selecting the candidates by a company.) Compared to the setbacks witnessed in the past, these setbacks didn’t panic me. But, to my surprise, the process ended way sooner than expected. Moreover, the job role is very close to what I wanted. This is a deviation from the norm that I accepted.

Too early to tell that I am doing right things again. But the hope is back on. Slowly but surely must make up the lost ground!