El Capitan!

Boo Australia!

Captain Cool

Captain Cool


Let’s do it!





Mauka Gawa Diya!

Ah, well that did not go as planned! Not even close to what I was expecting. Bowlers did their best but Batsmen let us down. I never thought we will be gifting away wickets. Shikhar, Virat and Raina played appalling shots. Rohit and Rahane were unlucky. Dhoni was not left with much choice. I was clinging on to the stupid hope till he was there but the required run rate just stifled us.

Having said this I am happy with the effort the team put. I am disappointed because it was well with in the reach of this team to chase 330. May be it was the semi-final stress or losing the vital toss or fatigue. For whatever reason, we lost. I’m sure that it was not due to carelessness or some other silly reasons that Times Now so vociferously claimed. Our ethically upright and apology-loving anchors also had problem with Dhoni smiling in the press conference. This proves that Indian cricketers and cricket have progressed over time and Indian media has regressed.


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