Sankranthi: The festival of new beginnings

Today is Bhogi in south India. Jantha wake up early and lit fire by burning old items and unwanted stuff. I am not one of those. I like piling up the racks for which I get earful from all those who unluckily pay a visit to my room!

So, what was I doing waking up early and not setting things on fire?

I went out for a walk. I wanted to catch a glimpse of the colourful rangoli in front of houses. But to my disappointment, not many women woke up by that time. And I did not want to risk taking a pic of the small number of women completing their artistic works. You never know because the dung ball, which must occupy the center stage of the rangoli, may be hurled at me! 😛

I could only snap these colourful flowers. I never knew that these flowers blossom on such a big tree and bloom in bunches.

Pleasant surprise!

Pleasant surprise!

Close up shot! Blurred! :(

Close up shot! Blurred! 😦

On my way back I could take pics of these majestic Azadirachta indicas!

WP_20150114_004 WP_20150114_005

Happy Sankranthi everyone!

For all those who haven’t seen the colourful rangoli, here is an image from google:

Classic Sankranthi muggu!


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