The extra mile!


Envelope Pushers. When was the last time you took a risk (big or small), and pushed your own boundaries — socially, professionally, or otherwise? Were you satisfied with the outcome?


How often do we do this? It is an amazing feeling when you are at the receiving end. It is even more satisfying when you are at the giving end. I’m talking this stuff mostly in the professional scenario. When I was new to my job I was lucky to have some really cool seasoned managers who helped me to settle in. At that amateur phase even small helps appear magnified. What I learned I applied in accommodating my juniors too. Good practices are infectious 😉

You see this in professional sports and now a days in Indian politics too. Check out these couple of videos:

(Not much risk is involved but I’m amazed at the cheekiness!)

PM Modi doing what he does the best – Top PR guy:

Next one is football related! Any Arsenal fan would have watched this 30 sec clip 1000 times. Oh boy!! I so miss these characters so much. Where are those days gone!! Now Cesc only gives me nightmares! I just want Henry to come Home and follow the footsteps of Zizou and give some respite to Wenger.



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