Love Hurts…Te Amo Arsenal

I find myself stupid when I do this talk. To keep supporting a supposedly ever bridesmaid team. I guess, many of the sane fans do think the same way. But it is saner to be insane in love. A football club that is so close to heart, not just in the playing style of football but in the way it is managed, is rare to find. The manager, the style of play, the aura around the club is simply enchanting.

As predicted by many “pundits”, the club has lost another crunch fixture. And it hurts. It hurts to get beaten by the same team again and again. It hurts to see how money can really turn the tables. It hurts to see how a home-grown player sold himself for the lure of money. It hurts to see young players playing their hearts out yet are left empty handed at the end of the match. It hurts to see a phenomenal manager bereft of ideas.

Does He deserve this? Do the fans and players deserve this ignominy? That’s an entirely different argument. I am in no mood of getting in to that now. I don’t want to point fingers at and call for heads. That can wait. Now there is pain. Feelings are hurt. I just want to stand by my club and say, I’m there. Come what may. I’ll be there. Love you, Arsenal.


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