The Daily Prompt: Big Day Ahead. It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?


Yes, I remember the sleepless nights before the much hyped life-changing exams. Next morning I wake up with swollen eyes and answer the question paper in a state of trance. Slowly with experience I learnt that nerves before exams and presentations depend on how well I did your home work, like how well have I assimilated the concepts etc. Once you taste success you want it more!

I am not really sure about a wedding. Only in Hollywood movies I have seen the pressure that a bride or a groom experiences before the wedding day. There were “Run Away Bride”s and “Hangover” grooms. I have seen quite a few weddings in India, but have not really seen the hyped pressure in the bride or the groom. Rather it is the families on either side that go through a lot of pressure. Of course there are exceptions. The tension was palpable in the eyes of my friends who defied their parents and married Bollywood-style.

Whatever may be the situation we should not allow nerves to get the better of ourselves. We should always remember that there will be always a new dawn. We should not think too much ahead in life. Just live and enjoy these crunch moments to the fullest.

PS: I am very much curious how Arsene Wenger is preparing for tomorrow’s match against Chelsea, especially after getting discombobulated 6-0 last season!


7 thoughts on “Nerves-lock?

  1. Too true about weddings 😀 its the families who are under pressure about all the arrangements and attending to guests. The bride and groom have to do nothing. Our weddings do not have the ceremony to allow them to say I agree to this wedding, publicly…as in some other cases 🙂

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  2. I don’t know how Arsene Wenger’s match against Chelsea worked out, but as for your question about how he might have spent the preparing for it, I guess, he might have anxiously wondered where on earth he missed out on being disciplined.

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