October The 2nd


The Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done. Our weekly free-write is back: take ten minutes — no pauses! — to write about anything, unfiltered and unedited. You can then publish the post as-is, or edit a bit first — your call.


On the eve of India’s most charismatic freedom fighters’ birthday Daily Prompt has offered, yet again, the freedom to write on any topic. Let me scribble about some of the latest developments in the Indian political scenario. A new boss is at the helm. He assures everyone of development and improvement in living standards. He takes 100% responsibility. That is a marked and refreshing change from the past.

But I am not comfortable with a few of his tactics. There is an extreme and overt pride of himself being a Gujarati. This obsession of being gujju is disturbing. I don’t understand the hype of the great business acumen of being a gujju. They are notorious as blood sucking businessmen. We know the stories how Ambani Sr., bribed the govt. officials to reach the position where his sons are right now. The very idea of seeing people through the lens of their origins is disturbing. Every community or region has its own merits and demerits. We have to accept that. Show casing gujju-model as a panacea will never work.

I don’t want to dampen the optimism in the country. He is very proactive and seems to know how to take matters to their logical end. This has been a vital trait we missed in our politicians. They are good starters but never good finishers. Hope he keeps up his promises.



14 thoughts on “October The 2nd

    • nice to know that my post served your curiousity 🙂

      Broadly speaking we all fight for similar ambitions and fight against similar devils and pin hopes on our elected representatives to do their job efficiently…most often that’s not the case, at least here!

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