Mesmerizing Beauty!

The Daily Prompt: Absolute Beauty. We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?

It is the year 2006. The summer was at its peak. But that summer was special. It was stress-free. Relaxing. TV became my best friend. It was past midnight. Everyone in the home were fast asleep. I was aimlessly switching the channels and evesdrop over a conversation.

“Will this be his last match?!”

“Certainly, it doesn’t look like that to me!”

“The crowd feels the same way. Whenever he comes to take the corner they stand, applaud and take photos.”

“His magical right foot enthralled us for over a decade now. Does he have more games in him?!”

At that point, I lifted my head to actually see the subject they were so passionately talking about.

I saw a six-footer bald headed player, in a white jersey, completely drenched in sweat, dragging himself on the pitch, pulling up the clinging arm band from time to time, and passing on instructions to other players. Every ball passed by him was cheered by the crowd. Every touch he made was exalted by the TV commentators. There was an aura about him. I could straight away say it without having a damn clue about the so called beautiful game. He proved me correct instantly. He danced down the pitch and skipped past the defender to slot the ball in the net. The roar that ensued and the encomium that was gushed on him was unprecedented.

That is what I call beauty. Magic struck me. I guess it was my Christopher Columbus moment. Since ages Americas existed and only in late 15th century Columbus discovered them in the pursuit of India. Blimey! All these years he was in the newspaper headlines, but I never found him till that day. This thought makes that day whole lot more beautiful!

This is the account of my first taste of beauty aka Zinadine Zidane. The match I saw was the France Vs Spain World Cup 2006. Thanks to Zizou that I fell in love with the beautiful game.

I don’t know how many would call him beautiful. Similarly I may not agree with everything others perceive as beauty. Unfortunately that is the case with beauty. It is very much subjective. To take it another step further, beauty is not consistently subjective either. We may find someone/something beautiful based on our mood. Right? Or am I getting confused? Whatever, before the post gets ugly, I will stop it here.

Have a nice day!


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