New Dawn – Old Life


The Daily Prompt: New Dawn.How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).


The best of my “Before Sunrise” moments were in my final year of bachelors. With not many classes to attend I had a lot of free time to while away. This was my best time on the campus.

Usually, after the final year project chores and an unpalatable dinner at the hostel mess, started my journey to the new dawn. The paths were many – via watching super duper hollywood hits or sit-com seasons or playing marathon of FIFA or blabbering about the future with friends or discussing about the projects or bitching about other friends or profs or taking strolls at midnight to canteens. Which ever path I choose fun was guaranteed. And an all-nighter too. Because on most of the days I literally waited for the dawn. By the  time clock struck 3 or 4 AM I used to feel real hungry and if, at that point, I succumbed to sleep I would surely miss my breakfast at mess. There was a patch when I consistently missed my breakfast then had to eat the not-so-healthy samosas and had to deal with frequent stomach upsets. Though the fun subsided as the dawn approached I had other incentive to see the first beams of sun rays accompanied by ever busy sparrows, cuckoos, crows and an additional responsibility to wake up the other sleeping bastards!

Now a days, it is rather rare that I wait for the dawn. Because the variable factor in life has come down drastically. More or less I know when and how to start and progress the next day. I miss that nonchalant-part of life. However under the pretext of watching a football game I try to relive the past to see the tomorrow’s dawn.


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