August August!


The Daily Prompt: August Blues. As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?


I was actually quite excited to go back to school. Of course I hated waking up early mornings, assignments and deadlines. But the real reasons were the new books, new pens, new stories from old friends and new friends! Exciting, right?

Now the glamour of August has almost faded in my life. How does it matter if the month is August or January! You have targets to meet and deadlines to adhere.

But, even in the frantic pace of life, August makes sure that its presence is felt. Sometimes thrust-fully. When after sunset, the temperature cools down and the night sky gets darker with moist clouds, I pray the august of the August Gods, “Not now! I am tired and hungry! I want to go home! Please, not today!” Most often, they acknowledge my prayers with a lightening! That’s it, I am stuck in a traffic jam. Blaring car lights and honks. August says Hi! with full pompousness!

And I celebrate the arrival with sneezes, hot soup servings and couple of days of sick leave!


7 thoughts on “August August!

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  5. 😀 …really…sneezes..poor immunity I must say 😉

    Here’s something to make ur August better…or rather monsoon better I hope 🙂 :

    Its raining cats and dogs and mice and rabbits …
    Its pouring elves and dwarves and orcs and hobbits…
    Its a day of late coming and water logging…
    Its a day of getting drenched and soaking…
    A day for kisses and romance…
    A day for a crazy random raindance…
    Its a rainy rainy day here in Mumbai…
    enjoy won’t get this in Dubai… 😉

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    • I could not think of a better concluding line 😛

      hats off… fact my mumbai experience was on my mind when i wrote the post…you can truly read minds 😛 🙂

      i guess you can add some hot chai, hot bhajjiya and a thrilling novel in those rhyming lines! That would be my “rainy day”!

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