Am I obese?

Well I must have asked myself this question long time ago! So I asked myself this question today. I was glancing over an article in about sudden surge in weight-loss surgeries in India. These surgeries are called “Bariatric Surgeries”. You can read the news story here:

All these days I was worried about my belly and my *looks*. I have accepted the notion that I am obese. After reading the article I desparately wanted to know how obese was I? How bad is my obesity??! Should I undergo a weight loss op!?!

I went to the website: . I guess the ndtv article was about these people who lead the weight-loss op industry in India. These people offered to explain obesity as per BMI (Bio Mass Index). So I punched in my numbers and found out that my BMI was 29. This is dangerously close to the text book definition of OBESE. But still, heck, I am not obese. I will be obese if my BMI hits the 30 and 30+ scale.

With my present life style I am sure that I can easily touch 30. Now I am not at all worried about looks. I believe the concept of looks is for teenagers. All I am focused is about being healthy. Having a healthy diet. I decreased my weight to know what is the right weight for my height. I think I would settle for a BMI of 23. That is 68 KGs for my height. So that is 17 Kg less than my present weight. I am not concerned about the part of my body which is going to shed 17 Kg. It may be my belly or my butt or my breast. I don’t really care. All I care is that I must shed 17 Kg.

The answer to my question, scientifically: NO. I am a student of science and I would take that answer and strive to get close to the magic figure of “23”.


2 thoughts on “Am I obese?

  1. A word of advice….loss of weight does not necessarily mean reduced BMI (Body Mass Index)…u can either have it done through some tests or there is some instrument to check it at home…no idea about pricing..

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  2. ouch!!!!!! thanks for reminding me about this post 😛 *palms on face*

    Frankly as long as I feel active and move with ease I am not concerned about being over-weight. I wrote this particular post an year ago, yet I remember the reason for writing it. The banter among friends led to categorizing one as over-weight or obese. Finally we agreed that if you increase your weight beyond your elastic limits then you are obese else there is always a chance for you to fit into your favourite pants! This NDTV article kind of supports our conclusion. Hence the article.:)

    Thanks for the concern hahaha I am 100% healthy and have no medical concerns whatsoever cause of my extra kilos! And yes loss of weight doesn’t accurately measure BMI but it gives a good estimate. An estimate which can warn you to seek more precise medical help or just shake you out of slumber so that you start jogging from next day! Luckily I fall in latter half – procrastination personfied!


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