Loving my life @ Coimbatore. Loving my new branch. Loving the coordination I am getting from colleagues. So far so good! Plus the house in which I am staying in a very serene place. I am sharing wall with a young family.

I have started my own company: Bharat Inc. on 14.07.2013. This should become RED Letter day in my life.

Coimbatore greeted me with another failure. I have an untold story between me and Coimbatore. I have had this story in my mind for a long long time. I think it is my destiny to work in Coimbatore.

I walked 5 KM one day. I like to continue the same in my future.

My future is nothing but tomorrow. I have to believe in this policy. if I can be perfect today, then I can build my dreamy tomorrow.

I have very very poor determination. I am highly inconsistent. This has been the reason for most of my losses. I wanna change this. I really want to change this.

I like to start to develop good rapo with Deepu. I feel very sad for her. Its really bad that she made a bad choice. I really can’t understand why she has done it. I want her to succeed in her life. She has to pass her MBA in flying colours. Deepu loves about style, food, movies etc I can start talking sweetly with Deepu. I need not hide my love while I talk to her. Same is the case with mom. I must really talk with my heart.

I think that’s it. There is no need for any brainy thing related to this.

So thats a problem settled I guess.

I leave the results of my profession endeavours to the Almighty God. 99% it is in my hands. I have been not studying for ages. Its like 8 yrs that I have studied rigorously. I think its high time I start studying sincerely.

So lemme study!



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